Larchmont Rec Soccer vs. Mamaroneck Rec Soccer

Larchmont and Mamaroneck each have their own recreational leagues for Grades K-5, although the travel teams are combined.  Grades 6-12 for both Mamaroneck and Larchmont play rec under the Larchmont Soccer Club as the Joint Mamaroneck Larchmont Majors.

It is confusing at registration time as Mamaroneck rec soccer registration falls under which is the travel designation.

Any child who lives or goes to school in Larchmont or Mamaroneck is welcome to play for either league.   Here are some of the differences in making a choice:

Location:  Mamaroneck plays at Harbor Island,  Larchmont plays at Flint Park and Hommocks.

Schools:   Traditionally Chatsworth and Murray play in Larchmont,  Rye Neck and MAS play in Mamaroneck, and Central and FASNY divide between the two.  This doesn't mean a MAS child can't play for Larchmont, for example, but probably his/her peers will play for Mamaroneck.

Time:  Larchmont games can be any time on Saturday (and occasionally Sunday).   Mamaroneck plays its games for each age group at the same time each Saturday (for example, X grade will always play at X am), and usually doesn't make up rain outs.

Travel players: Larchmont doesn't allow travel players in Grades 1-5 to play rec soccer.

Post Season:  Larchmont has a Pele Cup tournament after the last scheduled season game, which is a round robin tournament for all teams.

If you have a question as to which league your child should be registered for please email the Larchmont registrar at, or the Mamaroneck registrar at

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